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The Crosswalk CLIP Hands-free Leash

The Crosswalk CLIP Hands-free Leash

9 Feet Max Length (3m)

7.5 oz

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Introducing the Coco Crosswalk Multi-Leash – the best solution for dog owners on the go, whether it’s a long run or a quick walk, this leash can do it all!  This more than 9-foot (3m) long leash goes beyond the ordinary with multiple worlds first features including a quick clip feature, an integrated tick tool and much more!


4-in-1 Multi-leash has many convenient ways to wear to best suit your needs:

Quick Clip: Easily stow the hook end of the leash away, using this first-of-its-kind spring clip, keeping your hands free and the leash stowed when the dog is off leash.

Integrated Tick Tool: Always be prepared for outdoor adventures with the world’s first integrated tick removal tool, ensuring both you and your pets safety.

Adjustable Fit: Always have the perfect fit around your waist or shoulders during an activity with the adjustable slider.
Hands-free Convenience: Keep your hands, warm and dry in your pockets, easily pick up after your pet, carry multiple bags or any other task where having both hands available is helpful.

• LeashLINK QR: SCAN. CLICK. GO. You’re always just a scan away from directions to the closest open vet for emergencies, local dog parks, local hiking trail as well as access to canine first-aid and much more. Scan the QR label on the leash and go!

Information Labels: Stay informed and empowered with the attached canine CPR/Heimlich step-by-step guide label as well as the dangerous/toxic foods for canines label.

Crosswalk Loop: Have the control you need when crossing the street with the convenient crosswalk loop. 

Materials: Anodized Aluminum hardware & Polyester webbing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I’m impressed by this leash!

As a dog trainer this will be priceless for raising up puppies. This can also be extremely helpful for those with disabilities and service dogs.

Edgar Fuentes
Love all the extras

Long length, easy to use and set up. Purchased jt for all the helpful resources attached right to the leash. Makes walking both my dogs simpler.